People make towns, not corporation($).

Save Aptos is not opposed to redevelopment at Rancho del Mar Shopping Center.
However, the Safeway development is a multi-billion $ corporate takeover of a small
and unique American town; its character, its social value, its natural beauty.
Save Aptos and the community welcomes responsible planning that thoughtfully addresses
the impacts of the region: traffic, infrastructure, environment, local and small business support,
as well as respect to tax-paying homeowners and residents who make Aptos home. We support a
sustainable vision for community lifestyle, smart growth and economic vitality.

Democracy alive and well in Aptos.

Zach Friend, Aptos District 2 Supervisor, and the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors
will be responsible for the future of Aptos. Their votes will be the final decision.
As of March 2014, 1,800 residents have signed our petition opposing the plan.
Will our elected representitives stand up and fight along side the citizens of Aptos?
Email Supervisor Zach Friend and the Board and let your voice be heard.

Zach Friend

John Leopold

Neal Coonerty

Greg Caput

Bruce McPherson

Ken Hart
Principal Planner,
Santa Cruz County Planning Department

Deborah Karbo
Property Development Centers, Safeway Corp.