At Issue:

Safeway Corp development plan: The photo on the left is the current shopping center. On the right is Safeway's Mission Street strip mall in west Santa Cruz. Safeway's development in Aptos calls for erecting a parking structure 20 feet high on the south side of the site. The Safeway store (nearly double in size of the exsiting store) will be underneath the parking structure. Retail buildings would be built on top of the parking lot, topping out at 40 feet. The shopping center will be constructed in a "U" shape, blocking views on 3 sides. An 18 pump Safeway gas station, the largest in Santa Cruz County, will "anchor" the north end. The new buildings will be positioned facing inward, turning their backs to Soquel Drive and the community. The theaters will be eliminated. This diagram begins to illustrate the physical and visual impact the plan would have on the community and surrounding environment.

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