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Property Development Centers is now the owner of Rancho del Mar Shopping Center. (May 23, 2014)

Safeway has an agreement to be sold to a private equity firm, Cerberus, and will be merging with their Albertson's grocery chain. Property Development Centers (PDC), a company that has been wholly owned by Safeway, will not be a part of the sale agreement. PDC will become an independent entity and is now the owner of Rancho del Mar Shopping Center. The Safeway store will be a tenant in the center - similar to other corporate tenants like Comerica and Rite Aide.

It's going to take several months for the sales agreement to be finalized. In the meanwhile, Safeway and PDC are continuing with their Northern California projects and both are very committed to being in Aptos.

Jim Ales (from Save Aptos) met with Property Development Centers (PDC) VP of Development, Debra Karbo, PDC Community Affairs representative, Candace Hathaway and Architect Ray Parks, for the purpose of opening a constructive dialog regarding the Aptos community's objections and future expectations for the Rancho del Mar development plan. The meeting was held on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at Carmel Crossroads Shopping Center, where Mr. Parks was the architect for the redesign of the Safeway store there.

Property Development Centers is interviewing and evaluating input from a diverse group of Aptos residents and stakeholders, including the Save Aptos community group. Our discussion flushed out major concerns and observations:

  1. Size and scale of the store and overall development.
  2. Soquel Drive is our Main Street.
  3. Aptos economic vitality is based on attracting visitors to unique experiences.
  4. Acknowledge the limits and impact of two-lane access.
  5. View the Aptos Cinema as a visible, social, local attraction.

In general, the conversation at the meeting focused on developing a property that everyone benefits from: residents, visitors, local business owners, as well as PDC and the tenants at Rancho del Mar. The Save Aptos community believes a successful outcome is to develop a community shopping and gathering place, one that enhances business revenues, inspires social engagement, respects the natural and surrounding environment - a place the community will support as their own for many years to come. It is our hopes that PDC and the Aptos community can partner together for a successful outcome for all.

We will keep you informed as new updates and development plans become available. Visit our new web site, for more info and a link to our online petition.

Thank you.

Save Aptos are taxpayers, residents, homeowners and business owners of Aptos.

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